We offer exclusive award-winning designs and Italian-made Cesar Kitchen furnishings. At Linea Studio, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether it’s sharing a coffee with your partner in the morning, or serving Sunday night dinner to the whole family, we understand the importance of having the right backdrop for the moments that really matter.


Tangram, a kitchen collection comprised of five elegantly curved elements, can be seamlessly combined with straight components, offering endless possibilities to construct uniquely shaped kitchen islands, imaginative wall compositions, and even wrap-around corner solutions.

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Maxima 2.2

The Maxima 2.2 kitchen collection offers infinite possibilities for customization. With over 90 finishes, a wide selection of colors, opening methods, sizes, and modularity options, Maxima 2.2 is a favorite among our clients at Linea Studio.



Designed by Vicente Garcia and Cinzia Cumini, in Italy, Unit is a system “that wants to shift the idea of a kitchen as a fixed object to that of a concept with free elements.” The Unit system is an ideal option if you want to express harmony, independent clarity, unlimited confidence, or a technological, urban, metropolitan, energy, refined, welcoming spirit.



Linea Studio’s timeless New Elle kitchen collection, or N_Elle, is known for its modern, contemporary, and elegant kitchen designs for the young of spirit who are looking for unexpected contrasts and altitude. The N_Elle kitchen model is the newest addition to the monolithic Cesar Kitchen collection and characterized by its tall, modular units with 45° module edges and 2.2 cm thickness of the doors.



Intarsio is a collection that leaves a lasting mark by daring to depart from the norm. Its innovation forges fresh proportions, unveiling a unique beauty with every glimpse.  Your kitchen says a lot about you and your personality, and Intarsio harmonizes balance and precision, creating a space unique to you.


The 50’s

The 50’s is Cesar Kitchen’s innovative and modular shelving and cabinet units that reinvent that era’s look and feel. Designed by Garcia Cumini, you can incorporate the ’50s in the design or remodel of your kitchen, dining, or living areas.


Heritage Etoile

The Etoile collection creates a kitchen with a romantic soul that expresses its international character through a knowledgeable interpretation of traditional Italian know-how. Classic elegance re-elaborated through trendy stylistic elements, Etoile is the perfect synthesis of the past and present, projected into the future where it becomes the chosen meeting place to spend time with loved ones.


Heritage Elite

The Heritage Elite is a luxurious Italian-made kitchen collection that exudes an aristocratic charm, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary, and celebrating the sheer beauty of life in a refined narrative that resonates with the senses. This collection embodies elegance at its finest, where the joy of gathering takes on a profound meaning, rooted in the shared appreciation of the Italian ideal of harmonious living.

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Discover transformative solutions that enhance the comfort, functionality, and alignment of your kitchen with your unique lifestyle. Experience a personalized approach to create a kitchen space that perfectly complements your needs and elevates your daily living.

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