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Linea Studio Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Collection: Luxury Modern Kitchen

Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Collection

Linea Studio’s timeless New Elle kitchen collection, or N_Elle, is known for its modern, contemporary, and elegant kitchen designs for the young of spirit who are looking for unexpected contrasts and altitude. The N_Elle kitchen model is the newest addition to the monolithic Cesar Kitchen collection characterized by its tall, modular units with 45° module edges and 2.2 cm thickness of the doors.

As a proud and exclusive representative of Vittoro Cester’s iconic Cesar Kitchen collection in Miami and the South Florida region, we invite you to explore our luxury modern kitchens in one of our showrooms located in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach as you gain inspiration to curate your own space.

Cesar N_Elle – Customization Options

Wall units are a distinct element of the N_Elle collection offering clean lines and neutral color palettes for a modern kitchen design in tall floor-to-ceiling units, upper cabinets, or bottom panels that create a monobloc effect. The sleek design of these flat panel cabinets optimizes functional space allowing a central island and breakfast bar to act as the focal point with subtle elegance.

Our highly functional wall units within the N_Elle collection can be customized with beautiful options such as our signature Rovere Nordico wood tone or our Plumbeo structured lacquer for a more modern look, to name a few. Options for glass doors allow you to highlight statement pieces within your storage space for a luxurious look within the unit.

Blending our modular wall unit pieces with open shelves can offer smaller spaces the feeling of a more spacious kitchen when considering design ideas. Linea Studio offers an extensive array of customization options to accommodate any kitchen size and aesthetic preference.

The kitchen island with breakfast bar can create a show-stopping statement with our exquisite Grey Saint Laurent dark marble surfaces or other fine Italian-made materials. If you have the luxury of extra space and high ceilings, the large island design can really add the glam factor to your modern luxury kitchen.

The sophisticated look of our N_Elle collection offers understated functionality with its innovative integration of stainless steel kitchen appliances for an ultimately spacious kitchen. This design feature is especially beneficial if you operate in a small space and need to maximize every square inch or simply prefer a minimalistic approach for your kitchen countertops.


Linea Studio Custom N_Elle

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Luxury Modern Kitchen

We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home where you and your loved ones create the most intimate moments of joy while enjoying the comfort of beautiful food and drinks together. Pulling inspiration from authentic Italian homes with floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light, and fresh air, we are passionate about curating luxury kitchen designs to create these intimate family moments. If you are looking for a unique, luxurious kitchen, Linea Studio has mastered every detail of the world-renowned Cesar Kitchen collection from custom cabinetry, CARB 2 certified materials, innovative design, and sophisticated aesthetics.

As with any of our Italian-made collections, N_Elle offers an extensive range of customization options with all of the modern and innovative designs you’ve come to expect from Linea Studio. Whether you are looking to design a kitchen for a new build property or envisioning a luxurious kitchen remodel, our team at Linea Studio will assist you in every step of the creative process and project implementation.

Italian Made Materials

We are passionate about our Italian-designed products due to their impeccable millwork and timelessly chic aesthetic. Our Italian-sourced materials and innovative technology offer modern and unique design ideas to our sophisticated Miami and South Florida clientele. Whether you are interested in marble or quartz countertops for a modern style, gold, and metallic accents for pops of personality, or pendant lights for classy, accent lighting, Linea Studio has the most exclusive, Italian-made designs to create your dream kitchen.

CARB 2 Compliant

In the past, new homes have had a very strong and distinct smell from the all-new furnishings, flooring, and paint due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that ultimately compromise indoor air quality. These toxic VOCs have been proven to lead to a variety of health issues including headaches and respiratory complications.

Public safety agencies have recognized the detrimental effects of human absorption of VOCs and have taken steps to implement safety standards since 2018. All of our products and materials that are made in Italy, proudly comply with these safety standards with a CARB 2 certification, unlike local millwork facilities.

Linea Studio Luxury Kitchens

We encourage you to explore our other luxury kitchen models within the Cesar Kitchen collection – the 50’s, Intarsio, Unit, and Maxima 2.0 as well as our Heritage Collection featuring Elite and Etoile luxury kitchens. Browse our contemporary kitchen design ideas to discover which model speaks to your personality and aesthetic for your next luxury kitchen.

Any new interior design project can seem daunting and overwhelming at first, especially a modern luxury kitchen as you take into consideration all necessary functionality components. If you are unsure where to start, we invite you to read our blog “How to Remodel Your Kitchen in Two Steps” where we provide unique budgeting and remodel tips for your next home design project.

Linea Studio has been serving customers in Miami and the entire South Florida region since 2005 with our iconic, modern luxury kitchen designs. Download our brochure, read our blog or set up an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to fully encapsulate yourself in Italian luxury design as you discover inspiration for your own luxury kitchen.

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