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How to Remodel your Kitchen in 2 steps

The year 2020 came with a lot of beautiful resolutions that, for sure included, exercising, traveling, and incorporating better eating habits, but does anyone consider cooking at home not sporadically, not for a week but months and months?   

 The Covid-19 sparked new realities, and one is that “America Gets Cooking,” and plan to do so in the future. According to Hunter, a food communication research firm, of 1000 respondents age 18 to 71, 54% are cooking more, 50% are feeling more confident in the kitchen, and 51% will continue to cook more often with the new normal.   

With the joy of cooking, sharing recipes, having family dinners, and zooming parties come the need to Remodel the Kitchen and the impulse to try to learn it all by yourself. After all, by googling, “How to bake,” you are close to nominating yourself as the next Master Chef. 

Unfortunately, you cannot approach a kitchen to remodel with such a free spirit. A couple of weeks ago, one of my clients run a search for “How to Remodel a Kitchen,” and in 74 seconds, Google came up with One hundred eighteen million queries. She not only felt overwhelmed and discouraged but was skeptical when I told her that in 2 steps, could learn how to start her kitchen remodel 

How to Kitchen Remodel in two steps. Yes, two simple steps. 

Step one: Set a budget 

When considering Kitchen Remodel, most of my clients have done some preliminary budgeting, based on exploratory visits to design stores, lots of googling, and cost estimates on cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring. By the time they come to us, they are drawn in data, anguish, and unable to define how to bring to life their dream kitchen. 

I am quite sure that is also your case and the reason why you are here today. Let me tell you budgeting for a Kitchen

Remodel is very straightforward and takes less than five minutes. Yes, five minutes. 

As a rule of thumb, your kitchen remodels budget is between 5% to 15% percent of your home’s total value. In your estimates, remember to include the contractor fee, which is 10% to 20% of the total amount. The design accounts for 1 0%. Every family is different, but in my experience, a functional kitchen renovation accounts for 10% of a home’s worth. 

By now, you must be thinking there is little room to save, but you can create your dream kitchen with the right design if you bring the Pros.   

2. Design – Bring in the Pro’s 

Most of my clients have been curating for a long time, pictures and catalogs of their dream kitchens, and even though this is a good starting point to approach remodeling, it by no means substitute the job of a professional kitchen designer.  

At Linea Studio, we offer complimentary design support because we understand that it is at the core of the quality of our Italian kitchens, and your dream kitchen. In our consultation with our clients, we use a complete digital library that allows you to choose and experience materials firsthand and play with the design and the budget. A simple way to save in your project is by playing with the door finishes, and the digital library allows you to explore a large variety of handmade materials, innovative and technology-wise Italian finish, lacquers, glass, woods, exotic wood, and countertops. All this will allow you to stretch your budget without sacrificing quality or design. 

Kitchen remodel is a team project, in which we will provide the contractor with the technical drawings and support to secure the delivery of the project with the higher standards, Remember; you can bring your contractor or hire one from our referral expert list. 

As you see, this is all you need to Know to Kitchen Remodel in 2 Steps. Fifteen years in this field have taught me that this all you need to know.   

Now that you know “How to Start Your Kitchen Remodel in Two Steps”, give us a call, and start working on your dream kitchen. 



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