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The ’50s is Cesar Kitchen’s innovative and modular shelving and cabinets units that reinvent that era’s look and feel. Designed by Garcia Cumini, you can incorporate the ’50s in the design or remodel of your kitchen, dining, or living areas.

The timeless of the ’50s allows for a gracious integration with different kitchen models, including the modern Intarsio kitchen.

You are welcome to experience the 50’s Made in Italy, quality, and feel at our showroom, located at the Miami Design District. With the new normal, you can schedule an appointment or a virtual consultation.

Cesar The 50’s – Customization Options

A floor-standing and modular shelving and cabinet system characterize the ’50s.

The finishes, such as silk-effect or structured lacquer, wood, marble, black brushed satin frame, Rovere  Corvino, or fumé glass shelves, allow for remarkable personalization.

The Linea Studio team will guide you through a seamless creation process to incorporate the 50’s with the different Cesar Kitchen models and living areas. As the exclusive representative of  Cesar kitchen in the Miami and South Florida region, Linea Studio will offer the best alternatives on how to incorporate the 50’s with the Maxima 2.2,  Intarsio, Unit, N_Elle, or Heritage kitchens models.

You can download the brochure, explore our residential and multi-unit projects, and even learn how to remodel a kitchen in two steps in our blog.  With the new normal, we invite you to schedule an in-person visit or a virtual consultation with the Linea Studio Team.


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