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The Art of Italian Kitchen Design: How to Create a Luxury Cooking Space with Linea Studio

The term “luxury” is mainly associated with bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms, often sidelining the kitchen completely. Just because the cooking space is a utilitarian area doesn’t mean it can’t be sumptuous.

The modern lifestyle used to be more formal when the kitchens were usually closed-off and separate from rooms where we entertain guests. But the tables have turned, as your kitchen is the main space everyone loves to dine in while adoring the beautiful marble countertops, high-end appliances, and custom cabinetry.

This article is about creating a luxurious cooking space where you forget all your woes and enjoy making meals like never before.

Have you planned a kitchen remodel and want to build one inspired by Italian Craftsmanship? Speak to our Miami and West Palm Beach kitchen design experts about your requirements and get started today.

4 Italian Kitchen Decor Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Spaciousness and extravagance go hand in hand when talking about Italian kitchens. Modern Italian kitchens focus on creating a clean, uncluttered, open space regardless of size.

Here are some phenomenal designs that are key in made-in-Italy kitchen designs.

Open Kitchen Style

The clean lines, open environment, and top-notch organization make Italian kitchens popular and luxurious. If you have limited space but want to make use of every foot, an open kitchen layout combined with a modular setup would work well.

There are plenty of storage options available including magic corner units and tall multiuse units to give you maximum space to use.

Maintaining an uncluttered and well-organized kitchen is the key to attaining an authentic Italian cooking experience at your home.

This phenomenal open-space kitchen from our South Flamingo Project defines opulence. There’s ample room to walk around, and the kitchen strikes the right balance of functionality.

Breakfast Counter Integrated into the Countertop

Italian kitchens are more about space tailored to your specific needs and less about anything unnecessary. This ability makes these cooking spaces effectively eliminate clutter, rewarding you with a roomier and more welcoming feeling.

A breakfast counter integrated into the main countertop with storage is an excellent way to make your kitchen more functional without using the entire space. This kitchen design is an amazing choice, especially if you need a dedicated dining area.

Here’s a smartly designed kitchen from one of our latest projects. It features a plush breakfast table attached to the counter for maximum functionality while reducing space usage. 

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Appliance Garage 

If the appliances and gadgets like toasters and grills are on the kitchen counter, you will need more space to play with other elements. Since Italian kitchens are about decluttering the space, an appliance garage could be the best design element you can add. 

Kitchens with an appliance garage have an abundance of space to store the gadgets while keeping the countertop clean. This is equally beneficial for small as well as big kitchens if you love empty space.

Take inspiration from this modern Italian kitchen with an exclusive appliance garage. Besides making your kitchen a piece of art, a dedicated unit for the appliances prolongs their lifespan.

Modular Kitchens with Pull Outs, Shutters, and Drawers

Everyone these days opts for Italian kitchens to get more available space for maximum storage that brings a streamlined cooking experience. Modular Italian kitchens have loads of options for storage, including spice racks, carousels, pantry shelves, built-in organizers, and more.

Moreover, these Italian-made kitchen designs incorporate the finest sustainable materials sourced from manufacturers across Italy!

We designed this chic modular kitchen in Coral Gables to balance space organization and storage perfectly. It features bigger cabinets to enhance storage without taking up the entire available free space.

Create a Luxury Cooking Space with Linea Studio in 5 Easy Ways

Italian kitchens are all about simplicity, but creating a design that reflects your style is not simple. Linea Studio works with you to execute your design ideas and requirements to deliver your dream kitchen.

Set the Stage by Adding a Statement Lighting

Can you imagine a luxurious kitchen without proper lighting? Bringing plenty of light into your kitchen enhances the spaciousness while making it easier for you to cook during the dark hours.

A striking chandelier can be the true rustic showstopper, instantly making your cooking space stand out. For a futuristic look, you can install LED lights along your worktops, under the kitchen cabinets, and behind the glass splashbacks.

At Linea Studio, our interior designers play with natural light and fixtures to create a cooking space that shines. Depending on the illumination you prefer and the space needs, we install energy-saving fixtures to create a space worth appreciating.

Add Storage in Style with Custom Cabinetry

If you want to design your kitchen the Italian way, you already know the significance of an uncluttered space. While there’s no substitute for cooking appliances and utensils, adding more storage is the easiest way to minimize visible clutter.

Our Italian-made kitchen interior design experts create the perfect custom cabinets for your kitchen. From the storage under the counter to the pantry shelves, everything we design for you is exclusively sourced from Italy, embracing truly Italian essence.

Make the Kitchen Island the Focal Point of Your Cooking Space

In Italian designer kitchens, the kitchen island is the centerpiece of the space, so make it count. Consider unique flourishes like an island with a curved shape or marble countertop, like those found in the Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Collection. With Linea Studio, you can also have kitchen islands with multiple levels, such as a sunken level for seating.

To add sheer elegance to the cooking space, consider adding bar stools in luxe Italian materials such as brass legs and the finest upholstery to have an impactful island.

Play with Luxury Finishes to Create Splendour Vibes

There’re a lot of options you can consider when remodeling your cooking space– starting from the stunning wall texture to floor finish and much more. Whether you’re looking to highlight a plain background or a particular feature on the wall, premium Italian finishes can help you lock luxuriousness into your kitchen.

Linea Studio designers in Miami and West Palm Beach Florida breathe in the Italian style and breathe out fresh design options like the captivating Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen consisting of alluring finishes for your kitchen area.

Refresh the Floors

When thinking of an Italian kitchen, we automatically think of decadent and opulent marble. Italian kitchens are more about space, so the floor is significantly visible and deserves to be treated equally as the custom kitchen cabinetry and island.

Consider premium Italian marble and tiles that reflect light to make the cooking space appear more spacious and brighter.

Linea Studio pays equal attention to your kitchen floors, and we source the best-quality floor materials from Italy to create a cooking space that’s exclusive in itself.

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Tips from Italian Luxury Designers on Creating a Phenomenal Cooking Space

Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen’s layout matters the most. Here’s a list of tips from the top Italian luxury designers to ensure your cooking space looks beautiful and remains functional.

Go for Enjoyable Designs 

Paola Navone, an Italian architect, believes designing is like cooking. You start by gathering the ingredients and determining their exact amount. Next, you mix everything and cook it together. Just like a delectable meal promotes sociability, a good kitchen design can bring people together and starts a conversation.

Embrace a free-spirited approach, and don’t be afraid to try bold colors, sweeping forms, and provocative or evocative elements.

Don’t Overlook the Kitchen Triangle 

Every kitchen has three primary elements- the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. Whether you are cooking or doing the dishes, every task requires you to remain in this triangle. A poorly-designed layout can result in endless laps from the sink to the stove and fridge, said multiple prominent kitchen experts from the design industry.

Pay attention to the kitchen’s layout and make sure there’s ample space between this triangle for you to move freely. 

Prioritize Functionality 

According to Gabriele Boga, a luxury item should not only be fashionable, but it should also be functional. Italian kitchens are more about functionality and simplicity. Whether you are considering new cabinets or pull-outs, functionality should be your top priority. 

One of the favorite kitchen design tips that most Italian designers included is pairing the kitchen island with seating. It creates an inviting space where your family and friends can relax. 

Do Less but Do Better

When designing a luxurious kitchen, invest in high-quality products and appliances that will last years and perform well, says Fabio Novembre, an Italian architect and designer. Consider it an investment that will return you happiness and joy for years. 

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Linea Studio: We Create Premium Italian Cesar Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

While Italian kitchens are based on a simple concept, designing one can be arduous. Linea Studio sheds stress off your shoulders as our Miami and West Palm Beach kitchen designer takes care of your kitchen remodeling needs. From helping you finalize the design to executing it flawlessly and dealing with your general contractors we take care of everything. 

In our Cesar kitchens, we only use products sourced responsibly. Also, the CARB II certification ensures extremely low formaldehyde emission levels. Backed with a 5-year warranty and excellent indoor water resistance, our kitchens give you the ultimate peace of mind.

If you’re interested in new construction managed by a licensed general contractor, or you want to remodel the existing cooking space, schedule an appointment with us to create the best Italian-inspired kitchen in your West Palm Beach, Miami, or South Florida home.

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