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3 Pieces of Kitchen Design Inspiration From an Italian Design Studio

Inspiration can come in many forms and from just about anywhere. You may find inspiration in a decade or an era, in an art movement, or in the necessity to solve a practical problem. 

Inspiration is defined as having the urge to do something with an emphasis on creativity. Our Italian design studio has this urge to create stunningly beautiful work that has as much functional value as it does aesthetics.

Below are actually three different pieces of kitchen design inspiration that we’ve applied to our past works.

The 50’s

Here is an example of a piece inspired in a different decade, the 50s. This design  takes the best from the 50s and brings it to today’s standards and know-how. 

The 50s style allows you to travel back in time but still makes your kitchen feel modern and fresh. This magnificent example of Italian design comes in many finishes, from silk-effect to lacquer or wood, marble, rovere, and more. 

Having such a variety of finishes allows you to personalize these kitchen cabinets and imbue them with your own unique personality. The overall look and feel of this collection is minimal but not too much thanks to its clean lines dominating the design but allowing you to still see the 50s theme shine through.

Inspiration From Abstract Concepts

Kitchen design Inspiration does not have to come from a physical thing – from something you look at to spark an idea. 

Modularity and flexibility are two concepts that have inspired an entire collection for Linea Studio. The simple idea of being able to make any space by using modular options is mind-blowing once you realize the possibilities. 

The collection in question is the Cesar Maxima 2.2, which offers unbelievable flexibility in colors, materials, doors, handles, and finishes. Clean open lines dominate the style of this geometric Italian masterpiece. 

No two of these kitchens are alike given the different permutations or material, color, etc. Using this line as a source of inspiration, you can create a kitchen like no other to fit any space and any.

Inspiration From Nature 

Nature offers great contrasts and in this line, nature and contrasts are ever-present. Using large pieces of marble, almost monolithic in scope, and having them perfectly cut and polished in sharp angles brings the contrasts of the raw mountain and the machined finish of technology. It is a marriage between two diametrically opposed ideas that when brought together blend in perfect harmony. 

The Cesar N_Elle is a collection that captivates the senses and offers endless inspiration to make the most remarkable kitchens possible.

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