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Tips For Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Miami may already be a little slice of heaven, but that doesn’t you can’t have your own within it. And there are few better ways to make this happen than revamping your bathroom so that it’s something straight out of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for comfort, coziness, contemporary chic, or all of the above, Linea Studios can help you design the bathroom you’ve always wanted. To get you started, take a look at the following tips.

Consider Layout and Space

One of the first mistakes people make when designing a bathroom is to underestimate the amount of space they think will suit both their functional needs and their aesthetic leanings. At Linea Studio, we think that bathrooms should be able to be roomy and relaxing. After all, it’s important to remember that even the most luxurious bathroom will require standard plumbing drains, water lines, electrical wiring, and other basic structural elements.  Regardless, whether you are working with a small or large space, the efficiency of the layout you choose will have a big impact on whether you can achieve all your bathroom design goals.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

We say it like this because all too often lighting design is left for last. While good lighting is critical in any room to provide a comfortable and sleek ambiance, few spaces are as important as the bathroom, where you prepare, pamper, and unwind, depending on the time of day. Consider the lighting carefully, especially if your bathroom doesn’t provide any natural light. 

Freestanding Tubs

Without a doubt, freestanding tubs are one of the best ways to make a statement without sacrificing any of the minimalist chic that makes italian luxury bathroom design so popular and contemporary. Freestanding tubs can act like a centerpiece by dictating the dimensions of a room, and they make a powerful impact with their exposed confidence. Freestanding tubs can be customized in a variety of ways, including shape and base structuring.

Tips for building your dream bathroom

Find The Right Flooring

The ideal bathroom flooring is both durable enough to withstand wear and Miami-level humidity and elegant enough to turn heads. For this, your best options are often tile, vinyl, or stone, each of which can be customized to add a dose of color and texture to the room, or open it up with a single tone and continuous slab that spans the entirety of the square footage

Cabinetry To Consider

One thing all bathrooms have in common is the need for storage space. Whether for beauty products, toiletries, or linens, it’s just as important to consider cabinetry in a bathroom as it is for a kitchen. While cabinets and recessed cabinets are quite common, we also suggest you consider some chic and ultramodern alternatives, such as open shelving, glass fronts, or even a prudently placed hutch.

Dream Big With Linea Studio

Looking to turn your bathroom into a bold statement? Linea Studio can make your dreams a reality. From Italian-inspired, Italian-made furnishings, to personal design consultations, and more, Linea Studio is a design partner you can count on. Call our showroom at 305-853-9397 or book an online consultation!

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