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Linea Studio: The Luxury Bathroom Showroom

Ever considered renovating your bathroom into a place where comfort blends seamlessly with contemporary? Linea Studio has been guiding individuals, developers, architects, and builders for over 15 years in the art of Italian luxury design and furnishing. More than a passion, it is our calling to offer an exquisite collection of Made in Italy bathroom designs custom tailored for our discerning clientele. 

Situated in the iconic design district, our showroom exhibits a dramatic and dynamic range of materials, finishes, features, and technologies to suit the needs of any and every home across the Miami Metropolitan area. 

While a visit to our showroom is just a phone call away, you can get started right here by reading about the sorts of elegant fittings that fill it.

Freestanding Tubs

A centerpiece of Italian luxury bathrooms are freestanding bathtubs, and our showroom is outfitted with an impressive variety of them for any renovation project. We carry tubs preciously handcrafted from a variety of materials including, but not limited to, solid surface resins and acrylics. Our showroom selection of tubs displays our penchant for variety, to include:

  • Single
  • Double-ended
  • Clawfoot
  • Pedestal
  • Slippered 
  • And more!
Linea Studio: The Luxury Bathroom Showroom

Wall-mounted Faucets & Sinks

No luxury bathroom renovation is complete without an upgrade to the waterflow. Italian bathrooms are known for wall-mounted faucets that feed into an integrated sink basin. The result is modern and streamlined minimalism that accents contemporary sensibilities with near perfection. The Linea Studio showroom in Miami is well stocked with a range of different options for sink building material, such as:

  •  Glass
  •  Acrylic
  •  Stone
  •  Chrome

Varied Vanities 

Vanities can make or break a bathroom. Thankfully, few design movements understand this better than those started in Italy. That’s why our design showroom displays a melange of innovative, modular, and custom-made Italian bathroom cabinets and vanity units to fit the contours and confines of any bathroom renovation. With a diversity of available depths, volumes, curvatures, and finishes, we privilege elegance and sophistication in our showroom vanities like no other Miami interior designer. 

Visit Our Italian Bathroom Showroom Today

Looking to turn your bathroom into an evocative and elegant oasis? Linea Studio can make your dreams a reality. From Italian-inspired, Italian-made furnishings, to personal design consultations, and more, Linea Studio is a design partner you can count on. Call our showroom at 305-853-9397 or book an online consultation!

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