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How To Start Or Upgrade Your Kitchen

Modern interior design trends may have made it more apparent, but the kitchen has always been the heart of the home. More than just a place to eat and cook, kitchens should be a versatile and ergonomically central location for socializing, gathering, and relaxing. Few styles of design understand this as well as Italian-inspired style.

In the Miami area, there’s no one better than Linea Studio to help remodel or upgrade your kitchen with authentic Made-In-Italy discernment. In the meantime, here is a short guide on how to get started renovating your kitchen into a modern marvel that reflects your lifestyle and taste.

Preparation, Planning, & Priorities

Beginning the process with a strong sense of the whats, wheres, and whys will help you to break down your remodel into a logical series of steps that can make it feel less daunting. A good plan will allow you to utilize space smartly, prioritize needs, and ensure that your goals are aligned with your design.

Are you planning to include an island? A recessed and open pantry? Multiple sinks? Freestanding faucets? Creating a plan for your Miami kitchen remodel means taking time to discover what kind feel and layout you are aiming to create and how that will factor into your functional priorities. 

How to start or upgrade your kitchen

Draft a Budget

Coming up with your budget doesn’t necessarily mean itemizing every objective down to the last cent. Rather, it means highlighting a rough estimate on what you are willing to spend so that the finances can be used most efficiently and effectively. Generally speaking, kitchen remodels vary greatly in price, with low estimates at around $7000 and high end remodels costing up to $75,000. Knowing where you sit on that scale will help you fortify your priorities and make them easier to communicate to designers and contractors. 

Call The Professionals 

At this point, with your budget and vision beginning to take a shape, it’s time to consider involving a design specialist to support. Kitchen remodels are, after all, best undertaken as a team project. And understandably so. Bringing in professionals, such as those at Miami’s Linea Studio, will give you unbridled access to expert opinions about your vision and to a vast digital library of potential materials and ideas to complement it.

Linea Studio Can Make Your Kitchen Dreams Come True

Looking to make a bold statement with your kitchen? Linea Studio can make your remodeling dreams a reality. From Italian-inspired, Italian-made furnishings and modulations, to personal design consultations, and more, Linea Studio is a design partner you can count on: just see what our satisfied customers have to say about us. Call our Miami showroom at 305-853-9397 or visit it online today!

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