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How the Made in Italy Movement Is Changing the Landscape of Bathroom Remodeling

Since around the 1950s, the label “Made in Italy” has been a coveted hallmark of quality, authenticity, luxury and a sense of style that has garnered acclaim around the world. In recent decades, a growing number of companies have managed to fuse the iconic italian aesthetic with technologies and innovations that speak to the modern sensibilities and solutions of interior design. 

Nowhere is this more visible than in the world of bathroom remodeling. Now nearly a 

$150 billion dollar industry, bathroom design and renovation has been growing and shifting dramatically in the last several decades, thanks in large to the innovative Bel Paese spirit. Lets see how it has shifted the landscape of bathroom remodeling in Miami and abroad.

It Privileges Open Space

An all too common misconception about bathrooms is that, unlike kitchen designs, they are supposed to be small, humble, unassuming, with little more than the square footage necessary to accommodate a bath, a toilet, and a vanity. Thankfully, the “Made in Italy” movement has dispelled this illusion due to its emphasis on ensuring bathrooms are spacious and comfortable. Some like to call the style ‘minimal’ or “simplistic’, though we prefer the terms ‘balanced’ and ‘essential’. 

Usually, objects are arranged uniformly throughout the sides of the room and play off of a centerpiece such as a freestanding tub. In addition, showers are often recessed into walls or encased in glass so as to not obstruct the open flow of the space.  The idea is to make the room inviting and warm, rather than cramped. A Miami “Made in Italy” bathroom remodeling project accomplishes this in spades.

Changing the Landscape of Bathroom Remodeling

It Focuses On Using Quality Materials

A lack of design focused on bathrooms can lead to them being modeled and textured with poor quality materials. The “Made in Italy” movement has turned this on its head, placing focus on the use of quality building materials such as stone, glazed porcelain, marble, and exotic wood. The idea is to build a space that is aesthetically top-tier while remaining durable and functional for decades.

It Creates A Dialogue Between Colors, Contours And Textures

“Made in Italy” design places primacy on the interactions that occur in a given bathroom in order to create dynamism and liveliness, yin and yang. This means utilizing the proper materials in the right colors and shapes under the right lighting to put each customized element into a luxurious conversation via plays of light, shadow, and texture. Whether its square lineation mixed with pearly gray stone, or alabaster hues blending through subtly natural curves, Italian bathroom design effuses elegance in a way that is remarkably unique and remarkably “Miami”.

Linea Studio Is Miami’s #1 Italian Design

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