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5 Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas That Make a Big Difference

While not always high up on the list of rooms to renovate, remodeling a bathroom can add value to your home, modulate its style and feel, and increase its functionality, all at once. While some worse-for-wear bathrooms might require a full-scale remodel, there are many situations in which some small, subtle upgrades yield impressive dividends, both pragmatically and aesthetically. Here are five of Linea Studio’s modest yet magical makeover ideas sure to breathe new luxury and life into your Miami bathroom.

Add Open Shelving

Placed above the vanity, or along a spacious side-wall, open shelving is a minimal and modern way to add extra storage space while simultaneously adding flair. Installed several inches back into a wall, open recessed shelving is ergonomically useful whether a vanity is shallow, deep, or somewhere in between, and ensures that you’ll be able to comfortably use the sink without feeling cramped. While historically more common for cabinets to be placed in bathrooms, we think that open shelving adds a spacious, linear texture that is at once elegant and contempo.

Place a Window Next to the Shower or Tub

A common issue with many bathrooms, especially in Miami, is trapped humidity. Left uncontrolled, the moisture can cause issues with cleanliness and even compromise certain structural elements. While enough space and a good bathroom fan can mitigate these issues, natural ventilation is often the best. Putting a window next to your tub or shower can help keep unwanted humidity at bay, and will add natural light to the room, which is an aesthetic boon.

Small bathroom makeover ideas

Include a Tankless Toilet

Thanks to their sleek and efficient design, tankless toilets are fast becoming a staple of modern bathroom renovation and design. As their name suggests, these kinds of toilets do not rely on a tank, and instead utilize the water pressure of a supply line to flush. Modish and perfect for increasing space, they are also environmentally friendly as they conserve more water than their traditional counterparts. 

Encase Your Shower in Glass

Beyond needing to be frequently washed and maintained, shower curtains cut into the size and space of bathrooms. Conversely, a glass enclosure for your shower can make the room feel and look bigger, letting light move more freely and allowing natural contours and tones of the room to be better exposed. In the modern era, glass doors can be designed to custom specs and are built with durability and versatility in mind.

Backlit Vanity Mirrors

Few options for bathroom renovation are as elegant, avant-garde, and Miami chic as back-lighting the mirrors above vanities. This subtle trick can help to warm the room with a sophisticated ambiance that feels and looks simultaneously retro and ahead of its time. Moreover, it can provide the perfect quality of light for your time in front of the mirror, never too bright, never too dark. 

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