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What is the Linea Lifestyle? Inside a Miami Luxury Remodeling Company

No city in the United States has a lifestyle quite like Miami. With its sun-baked and shimmering white sand beaches, and neon-lit nights filled with humidity and latin rhythms, there’s a reason that it has the nickname “The Magic City.” While this exuberant and elegant lifestyle is on full display in places such as South Beach or the Design District, it is equally noticeable in homes all over South Florida. 

So what exactly is it that these homes have in common? Among numerous things, many have consulted the services of Linea Studio, Miami’s top luxury italian furnishing, remodeling, and interior design company. While many homes have already embraced the Linea Lifestyle, there are still many more that have yet to discover it for themselves. So what makes the Linea Lifestyle special from other Miami luxury remodeling companies? Let’s explore those differences today. 

It’s About Space

Yes, elegance and luxury come in a variety of packages, large and small, but if there’s one thing we know our customers appreciate, it’s space. Whether in kitchens, bathrooms, or closets, for them, the Linea Lifestyle means open-plan living that, with its free-flow design, fuses comfort and versatility with the contemporary in a way that exudes Miami-level class and taste. This might mean large and distinguished floor layouts, lots of counter space, vaulted ceilings with different levels, free-standing islands or tubs, and a lot more.

 For Linea customers, no room is confined to a single use. Through prudently placed furniture, light fixtures, and other architectural features, kitchens become showpieces and places to entertain, living areas become flexible zones for modern life, and bathrooms turn into boudoirs for folks to lounge and unwind. 

It’s About Blending The Indoors With The Outdoors

As our legacy customers know, the Linea Lifestyle modishly mimics Miami’s breezy blend of the austere sincerity with the refined. Often Linea remodeling designs are about taking advantage of natural lighting to create contours and contrasts in a room that are finished with natural and earthen materials such as a luxury stone tiling or exotic wood panels. High-gloss finishes and the use of mirrors are key to optimize the flow of light in a Linea design. The result is a soft, inviting ambiance that appeals to relaxed and flexible living, no matter the room.

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What is the Linea Lifestyle?

It’s About Functionality And Aesthetics Meeting

On brand with italian interior design more generally, the Linea Lifestyle is chosen by Miami customers who see the virtue in a functional living space being equally beautiful. Whether it’s choosing clean and pure cabinetry that serves multiple purposes, or turning a bathroom into a lounge, stock with plush chairs and sofas while ensuring plenty of storage, a Linea remodel seamlessly conjures the perfect balance of utility and vogue that defines the daily lives of our customers.

The Linea Lifestyle Is A Call Away

Already have your dream home planned or looking to get inspired? Linea Studio can make the home of your dreams a reality. From Italian-inspired, Italian-made furnishings, to personal design consultations, and more, Linea Studio is a design partner you can count on. Call our showroom at 305-853-9397 or book an online consultation!

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