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The Styles: Countertop, Semi Recess or Fully Integrated Washbasins

A small handbook of washbasins: , Semi Recess or Fully Integrated Washbasins

Did you enjoy my last blog about single and double washbasins and bathrooms vanities? It all seems that not only you did, but that other questions came to your mind.  That’s why I decided to create a small handbook on washbasin styles. Ready?  

 How a washbasin integrates with the bathroom vanity, countertop, and storage area defines its style—countertop, Semi-recess, or fully integrated.

Let’s explore this in more detail.

The Countertop Washbasin

As the name describes it, the countertop washbasin sits on top of the bathroom vanity. It characterizes by the boldness of the shapes and lines and can take the form of vessels, bowels, rounds, ovals, or squares. These structures and shapes make the countertop washbasin a favorite across all demographic groups. 

Countertop washbasins – Milù 45

Semi-recessed washbasins – Pretty 60

Integrated Washbasin – Kuki

Semi-Recessed Washbasin 

A semi-recessed or semi built-in washbasin is when the front part of the washbasin protrudes from the vanity bathroom. This unique style creates a sophisticated rupture of lines, forms, and colors. It is a favorite for those that like to bring a sense of disruptive fluidity and creative harmony to the bathroom experience.

Integrated Washbasin

An integrated washbasin is where the basin and the top converge on a single piece made of the same material. This single unit creates a minimalistic style, and in general, the options are rich in high tech materials, designs, and colors.

Well, now that you master the style and forms of Italian washbasins, I invite you to navigate our bathroom vanity collections. I am sure you will have more questions about materials and colors, which we will be talking about very soon.  In the meantime, remember my invitation to explore the Linea Studio Bathroom Collections.  

If you have other questions, send me a note,

Asta la vista. 


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