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Six Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximize The Space

Small kitchens are common across all kinds of homes and apartments — especially in more urban areas. It is extremely beneficial to make the absolute most out of your kitchen design for both aesthetic and practical purposes. For new time renovators, this can be quite the undertaking, especially when you have a variety of appliances and other kitchen materials to store. With that being said, making a small kitchen look and feel bigger can be a sinch with some basic tips. Which ones do you think you’ll use?

1. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can either be utilized on the ceiling or — if you’re feeling bold — in the walls to provide a more subtle and spacious effect than more traditional options. This not only benefits taller people who may bump into dangling lighting but also provides an aesthetic “smoothness” to the area and — as previously mentioned — helps to open up the room a bit.

2. Hidden Appliances

Small kitchen appliances like blenders and toasters are infamous for taking up too much counter space. This can easily be solved by adding some stylish custom cabinets to store your appliances. Similarly (and perhaps more conveniently), you can place your appliances in recessed areas such as wall shelving.

3. Organizers Everywhere

As designers well know, organizers are key to creating space and making things neat and tidy for access. From spice cabinets to catty-corner lazy susans, you will find no shortage of storage options for your kitchen, no matter how small.  

4. Utilize Your Island

While an island may initially seem to take up more space than it saves, it can be a secret weapon in making the most out of a relatively small kitchen when used properly. Utilizing that area for all sorts of secret drawers and shelving can be a way to double or triple the space in your kitchen.

5. Efficient Seating 

Seating that you can tuck underneath your island or cabinets (like this) can be a great space-saving measure. They can easily be taken out whenever you need them — and whenever you want to put them away — they remain neatly hidden, saving you tons of space.

6. Utilize Your Lighting

Everyone knows that brighter lighting can open up a room, but there are other ways that you can maximize the visual illusion of space. Using the contrast between light and dark elements can substantially open up a room. That’s why so many monochromatic tiles are used for bathrooms. 

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