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The Type: Single or Double Washbasins

On my previous blog, we talked about  Italian Design and Art. Fascinating, isn’t it?. 

One of the questions I get most frequently is how to decide how many washbasins do your need for your bathroom. Single or Double?  The answer is it all depends, and it has nothing to do with your bathroom area’s size. What matters is your bathroom dynamics. 

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Art and Washbasin

Back in 1987, on the occasion of the exhibition “Mario Bellini’s: Designer” at the Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA) in New York, curator Cara McCarty affirmed that “The international prominence of Italian design derived from several factors: Talented and creative designers, a tradition of craftsmanship, open-minded and enthusiastic manufacturers willing to experiment with new products.” 

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How to Remodel your Kitchen in 2 steps

The year 2020 came with a lot of beautiful resolutions that, for sure included, exercising, traveling, and incorporating better eating habits, but does anyone consider cooking at home not sporadically, not for a week but months and months?   

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