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The Type: Single or Double Washbasins

On my previous blog, we talked about  Italian Design and Art. Fascinating, isn’t it?. 

One of the questions I get most frequently is how to decide how many washbasins do your need for your bathroom. Single or Double?  The answer is it all depends, and it has nothing to do with your bathroom area’s size. What matters is your bathroom dynamics. 

I know you what you might be thinking; what do you mean by dynamics?  Well, let me explain it to you. In Miami and the South Florida region, we benefit from ample spaces. From the conservative  32-inches to the  112 inches, any of our Italian bathroom vanities will just look spectacular in your home.  Interestingly what matters are how you interact with the object. In other terms, your bathrooms dynamics with the washbasin and bathroom vanity.

To help you with the decision process, I designed a short questionnaire.  


  • Are you single, married, or an empty nester?
  • Are you a type, A, B, C, or D person?
  • Is the bathroom vanity for a master bedroom, a child room a guest room?
  • What are the demographics of your family?
  • Are you confident in sharing your intimate space with other members of your household?
  • What type of activities do you perform that require the use of the washbasin area?
  • Do you and your family use it at the same time?

Single washbasins – Rettangolare 64

Double washbasins – Rettangolare piccolo

I am sure this shortlist is going to pop up other more interesting questions and analysis.  You will be surprised and amused by your answers, but the insights will define if one or two washbasins are what you need.  

With the “new normal,”  kids studying virtually, parents working from home, it seems that the bathroom area is getting a little congested at the same time. With this,   I am noticing an emerging trend for double washbasins.   Will that become the norm? What are your thoughts? On my end, I think it is too early to say.

Asta la vista,


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