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New Palm Beach Showroom Location!

We Are Proud to Announce The Opening of Our New Palm Beach Location

Linea studios is home to the most unique and curated luxury cabinetry, bathroom, and kitchen designs. For nearly two decades we have been known as the premier destination for Italian furnishings and customized design consultations in the Miami Design District. Now, Linea Studio is proud to announce we will be bringing our one of a kind experience to a brand new West Palm Beach location.

As our second location in South Florida, the new Palm Beach design showroom is a testament to the company’s continued success and dedication to the highest design standards. In 2005 we started as a pioneering force in the minimally-developed Miami Design District, and it wasn’t long before other luxury retailers followed suit. We look forward to bringing that culture and design authority to the West Palm Beach area.

Linea Studio’s Palm Beach Location

As a premier luxury Italian furnishing company, Linea Studio has extensive experience designing immaculate Italian kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and interior doors. Our design experts have worked with a broad range of clients, offering stunning products and results.

We look forward to sharing Linea Studio’s one of a kind customized design services. This new location makes showroom viewings, on-site consultations, and product shopping convenient for those in the Palm Beach area.

Linea Studio Product And Service Highlights

Cesar Kitchen

We think of the kitchen as the “heart of the home”. It is a place where family recipes are passed down and friends gather to break bread. It’s where we can enjoy a moment of solitude with a cup of coffee, or enjoy a bottle of wine with friends. Linea Studio’s Cesar Kitchen designs offer the perfect setting for life’s most delicious moments.

The Cesar Kitchen line is available in seven distinct styles and configurations. It features manu customization options so you are sure to find a design tailored to your unique needs.

Styles Include:

Maxima 2.2

Featuring a creative design system characterized by its modularity, cutting edge  technology, and flexibility, with customizations including more than 90 unique finishes.


Available in multiple styles, this stunning line embodies harmony, technology, metropolitan energy, and refined design. Designed in Italy by Vicente Garcia and Cinzia Cumini, the ‘Unit’ shifts the idea of the kitchen as a fixed object to one as  dynamic as life itself.


A breathtaking modern contemporary design series that blends elegance with unexpected contrast to create an unforgettable look.


A bold style that uniquely combines geometric design, innovative technology, and proportion play to bring your ideas to life.


This style is vivid and undeniably unique. Bringing together classical elements with a wide range of customizable options and finishes, this line is the perfect balance of traditional and modern.


International character and a romantic soul are at the core of the Etoile collection. An elegant interpretation of traditional Italian design, this Cesar Kitchens line combines classic european sensibility with trendy contemporary flair.

The 50’s

Capture the look and feel of the 1950s with bold and modular shelving and cabinets.

Linea Studio Luxury Modern Bathrooms

An essential part of every home, Linea Studio’s Italian bathroom designs are as breathtakingly beautiful as they are functional.

Our Modern Italian Bathroom Collections

Combining wood and stone with linear textures and minimalistic designs, these modern Italian bathrooms are both stunning and utilitarian.

Contemporary Italian Bathroom Collections

From classical wood and natural tones to sleek metals and marble, Linea Studio’s contemporary collection melds the best of both traditional and contemporary designs.

About Us

Founded in 2005, Linea Studio is a luxury furnishing company specializing in Italian made products for the kitchen, bathroom, and closet. We are the sole distributor of the iconic Caesar Kitchens line in South Florida, and a pioneering force in the prestigious lineup of interior design studios in the Miami Design District.

Our team brings combined decades of experience and a true passion for design. Linea Studio is known for impeccably high standards, an unparalleled level of service, and results that are even better than you imagined. We look forward to welcoming you to our newest showroom in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Showroom: 417 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 – (561) 781-7841

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