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Luxury Walk-In Closet Ideas: How to Turn Your Vision Into a Reality!

If you have a walk-in closet, having it neatly organized with a custom design can make getting ready for the day a really fun – and even meditative – experience. Many homeowners also find that the addition of a walk-in closet cuts down their dressing time drastically. By installing a mirror and other styling tools in the space, you don’t have to walk back and forth between the bathroom and dressing room.

Plus, installing a permanent luxury closet system may raise the value of your home!

Understandably, building your dream walk-in closet can seem overwhelming with so many steps involved in the design and construction process. Whether you are remodeling your closet or building one from scratch, this post will steer you in the right direction.

Where to Start With Organizing

The best luxury walk-in closets always emanate a feeling of spaciousness when you enter. This doesn’t mean the closet space has to be large, however. A tidy small walk-in closet can still feel luxurious. The process of achieving your closet goals starts with editing your current wardrobe. Assess each piece you have, from clothes to shoes, and divide it into four piles – to keep, to store elsewhere, to donate, and to discard.

This is where we tell our clients to use the one-year rule; if you haven’t worn something in more than a year, odds are that you never will so it’s time to get rid of it. Items that don’t fit you anymore, are in poor condition, or as Marie Condo says, “don’t spark joy” any longer, should also be removed from your closet. Items that you don’t wear as much should be kept elsewhere, like inside a garment bag in the guest room or attic.

When it comes to the storage and organization element, you need to use different types of storage to maximize the space. Here are some of our favorite walk-in closet design ideas: 

  • Compartmentalized drawers to keep watches and cufflinks in order, with decorative hardware to add a touch of glamour. 
  • A specialty drawer insert lined with velvet to keep sunglasses separated and safe from scratching.
  • Toiletry organizers and a built-in ironing board hidden behind the cabinetry.
  • Discreet drawers to store jewelry or silver/gold stands to keep bracelets and necklaces on display.
  • Pull-out drawers for other accessories, with glass-front cabinet doors to keep them on display.

How To Choose Lighting

Good closet lighting is essential to make the storage space feel more accessible and functional. It also allows you to see small details, which can help you find the missing buttons and pulled threads easily.

There is a variety of lighting options for luxury closet systems, from high-end chandeliers and pendants to simple wired and wireless sconces. Your decision to choose the right fixtures will depend on the size of your closet and your aesthetic goals.

Our interior designers at the Linea Studio have broken down the most common closet lighting options here:

#1. Wired Closet Lighting

If upgrading the electrical wiring in your home is doable, wired lighting is a great option for you. You could install recessed lighting, flush mount lighting, sconces, task lighting, or whatever works for your space. Adding light might involve installing a light switch box that you put either on the inside or outside of the closet. We recommend putting the light switch box inside the walk-in closet if you want to install a motion sensor to turn the lights on automatically. As for the number of lighting fixtures in the closet, it will depend on how big the storage space and dressing room is.

#2. Wireless Closet Lighting

If you don’t want to change the electrical wiring in your home, installing battery-powered LED lights is the best way to illuminate your closet. Wireless lighting is easier to install compared to the wired options.

#3. Wireless Remote Lighting

These lights can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or under shelves in the closet and can be operated using a wireless remote control that’s battery powered. These remotes can usually work from 50 feet away and are ideal for larger walk-in closets where turning the lights on and off manually can be tedious.

#4. Smart Lighting 

Smart closet lighting uses the newest technology to function and can be accessed through a mobile app. You can also use smart motion-controlled lighting. These are LED light strips that automatically turn on-and-off when you open and close the closet door.

Now that you know the different types of lighting options, you have to consider the different styles as well. This decision largely comes down to the size, shape, and type of the closet and your personal preferences. You can install the lights on the shelves, on the ceiling, or on the sidewalls of the closet.

Pendant lights and chandeliers offer the most luxurious lighting experience and are perfect for large, walk-in closets. Track lighting is both functional and decorative, and can be used to emphasize a particular area of the closet. Recessed lighting fixtures are extremely efficient, especially when combined with track lighting.

Storage Solutions 

The clothing shelves and racks you will need in your luxury walk-in closet will depend on your inventory. The key is to incorporate a wide range of heights, lengths, and widths so you can store everything from tiny clutch bags to maxi dresses in a visually appealing way. Here are some ideas to get you started:

#1. Built-In Racks for Shoes and Bags  

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the mornings trying to locate the right shoes or bag, you need separate storage space for both. It will also help protect them from getting damaged or crushed.

For bags, built-in cubbies or drawers and sturdy hooks are good options to have them displayed beautifully. Medium and larger sized handbags can be illuminated in individual cubby-style shelves. Small evening bags and clutches look stunning stored behind glass doors. Make sure the cabinetry is well-lit and has a lot of focal light pointed towards the bags.

Glass doors add a touch of sophistication to any closet or storage space dedicated to showcasing handbags. Their transparency allows for a clear view of the exquisite collection within while providing protection from dust and damage. However, over time, these doors may succumb to wear and tear, requiring maintenance or replacement. This is where Glass Door Replacement Services come into play, offering solutions to ensure your display remains pristine and visually appealing.

Whether it’s a simple repair or a complete replacement, entrusting the task to professionals ensures that your handbags continue to be showcased elegantly behind glass doors, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your storage area. With their expertise, you can rest assured that your collection is both beautifully displayed and well-protected.

You could have a lot of fun designing your shoe storage. Leather-lined shelves and boot hangars scream luxurious indulgence. The everyday sneakers and shoes that you may not want to show off could be stored behind wardrobe doors or on some open shelves on the back of an island.

#2. Open Shelving vs. Cabinets

You can choose different sizes of shelves with different materials; metal and wood are the most popular options for a luxury closet. Shelves also create a vertical space where you can see everything you have conveniently lined up so you don’t have to guess where a certain item is when you are getting ready.

Open shelves also keep a walk-in closet from feeling too confined or cramped. You can pick corresponding colors and backing boards to fit your style. We recommend choosing a different back panel color from your shelves/cabinets for extra visual interest. For a bit of intrigue, you could also install wallpaper with a busy pattern behind the hanging space that you can only see when you move through the clothes.

On the other hand, using closed shelving or cabinetry provides essential security to your valuable items. You may want to put your expensive jewelry and watches in lockable drawers. Plus, cabinet doors help reduce dirt and dust from latching onto your clothes. And there’s something to be said about decorative wood closet door fronts, which can be combined with glass inserts for more visibility.

While designing closet systems for our clients here at the Linea Studio, we always recommend a combination of open shelving and cabinets so they can enjoy the best of both worlds. A hybrid walk-in closet design offers more flexibility and, in our opinion, looks beautiful.

#3. Hanger Storage for Long Garments

We hate difficult-to-remove creases as much as you do! That’s why hanging space is a must-have in a luxury dressing room. Premium wooden hangers will also extend the life of your evening dresses, suits, and other garments while making your walk-in closet and long garments look beautiful. 

You can incorporate valet rods to hang items to temporarily hang a new outfit, to pack/unpack for a trip, and to collect garments that need to be ironed. A decorative hook can also be a permanent place to display a special garment like a wedding dress.

#4. Organization Ideas for Lingerie and Intimates

A narrow chest of drawers, known as a lingerie chest, lined with velvet can be an incredible addition to your luxury walk-in closet. It’s perfect for storing bras, underwear, hosiery, bodysuits, garter belts, and all of your smaller, delicate items. 

If you are looking for a gorgeous-and-grand option, consider adding an armoire to your closet. This is where you can keep all of your long-sleeve pajamas with pants, nightgowns, robes, and so on. There’s just something about pulling on the two handles to reveal all your treasured items that makes an armoire so delightful. Satin-padded hangers provide a nice touch to the whole romantic element.

If you don’t want to add a large piece of furniture to the space, an open closet is best to put the beautiful silks, satin, and lace on display.

His & Hers vs. One Big Closet

Many of our clients who share the master bedroom prefer having their own closet space that matches their individual tastes and needs. One partner may want a feminine and elegant style with soft color and the other may opt for a more masculine style with stronger color choices.

His and hers closet designs feature two distinct styles that work well together in a shared space, despite these contrasts. She may want a single-tiered rack for dresses with a few double-tiered racks for skirts and shirts, while he may want a two-tiered rack for his clothes and a wall of drawers.

You may go for one big closet with clothing shelves, racks, and drawers for both of you, but this doesn’t make for a great organization system. 

Instead, separate the walk-in space into two sides. Each of you can organize your own side with however many shelves, cubbies, racks, and drawers you need. This way, your side will remain organized exactly the way you want it and it will be easier to find your items since you won’t have to sort through the other one’s things in the process.

Custom Closets vs. Prebuilt Closets

When choosing between prebuilt closet design vs. custom closet design, you probably want to go for the latter. After all, quality cabinetry made to fit your specific space and unique taste is going to be the most important element of your luxury closet. However, if you are like most of our clients, you may need to think twice about what “custom” really means.

Most homeowners think that custom cabinetry simply means hiring a local designer and carpenter to build made-to-fit cabinets, which means it justifies the high price tag and is always better than factory-made alternatives.

This is not always true. 

For example, at the Linea Studio, our bespoke custom cabinetry collections – Walking, Cabina, and Batente – are made in Italy. For over 15 years, our Italian cabinetry has continued to grow in popularity among clients looking for stylish storage solutions. The blend of real solid wood, superior craftsmanship, and profound culture allows us to create a style that is simply not replicable in the US.

The cabinetry made by your local carpenter won’t have the unique look that Italian-crafted cabinets bring to the table.

Here are even more reasons to choose Linea Studio’s Italian-made cabinets than the so-called custom options:

#1. Functionality and Style Are Equally Important

One of the easiest ways to understand the differences in cultures around the world is to look at each country’s most-famous goods. If you prefer organization-friendly design, sumptuous materials, and clean lines, Italian cabinetry is for you.

If you have ever travelled to Italy, you may have noticed how some houses can be centuries old and yet feature a functional, well-thought-out design that is as useful as it is beautiful. People in Italy look at their homes as a reflection of themselves, and that translates to every detail, including their closet cabinetry.

Our Italian cabinet designs combine tradition with the modern world to include additions like bright accessories, glass door fronts, and pocket doors.

#2. Exotic Materials that Reflect a Heritage

There is a reason why Italian craftsmen are so famous for their meticulous attention to detail and impeccable artistry. They know how to use unique materials like olive wood, which is considered too much hassle by US based cabinetry makers who would rather use particle boards.

The materials used in Italian cabinetry are meant to invoke emotions through smell and sight, setting the stage for an experience that transcends function and style. Luxurious high-gloss finishes, gracefully grained woods, and curved surfaces couldn’t be found in American-made “custom” furniture.

#3. Cabinetry Infused With Character and Love

At the Linea Studio, working with Italian-crafted cabinets means working with dozens of different wood species and lacquers. With such a wide variety of materials, we have infinite designs and combinations available to suit every client’s taste.

Also, the materials we use are state of the art and cannot be replicated in the US. Our craftsmen put a lot of love and character into the cabinetry-making process because artistry and quality are the two principles we stand by when creating a custom closet system.

#4. CARB2-Compliant Cabinets

Last, but not least, all of our cabinets are CARB2 certified, which is something you will never find in your locally-made or store-bought furniture.

CARB2 certification indicates that the cabinets’ formaldehyde levels are well within the safety limits and won’t lead to airborne toxic contaminants. When you are buying a product made from any wood composite, look for the CARB2 certification to ensure it won’t cause harm to your health or the environment. 

Ready To Transform Your Walk-In Closet With High-End Italian Cabinetry? Contact Us!

We at the Linea Studio believe in tradition, integrity, and hard work. We love sharing the artistry that has shaped kitchens, closets, baths, and bedrooms from Italy to Florida for more than 15 years. If you have any questions about our storage solutions, or would like to see for yourself why our Italian cabinetry is installed in so many prominent residential properties, feel free to visit our showroom. You can also give us a call at 305-614-3811 or send a message here to schedule a consultation.

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