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3 Golden Rules For The Perfect Custom Closet Design in Miami

A properly designed closet can become an endless source of joy. 

A closet’s main function is to organize your apparel. When your clothes are in disarray and you lack clear visualization, it usually results in “I have nothing to wear syndrome.” On the other hand, when your wardrobe is organized and easy to go through, it makes choosing your clothes much easier and enjoyable. 

Want to make sure your closet is organized? Follow these golden rules when designing a custom closet design in Miami.

1. Assess Your Wardrobe

Think of your closet design like this: before you make a container, you need to know what it is you will be placing in this container. To make the best tailored-to-fit closet, you should itemize all the belongings you will be putting in the closet, and meet with your designer to ensure everything is accounted for. 

A wardrobe is always in flux and changes over time. Sometimes it will become bigger and at times you may decide to reduce its size. But by having a solid idea of the general size of your wardrobe you can design a more efficient space for it.

By doing the legwork before starting to design, you can maximize your space. Depending on the type of clothes you own, you may need more double hang sections or more single hang. If you have an extensive collection of shirts, you may require more shelves. In this way by knowing what you have, you can make the most out of your space while keeping it uncluttered. 

2. Accessories And Shoes

Accessories are often neglected when starting the design of a closet; your watches, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, and bags need space too. 

If you love your accessories and have a large number of them, make sure your designer knows this before picking up a pencil. shoes get more love but boots are often not thought of, make sure you account for your boots and taller shoewear as well. In short, make sure your accessories are accessible.

3. A Place For Everything…

Every different type of clothes should have its own place. If you always follow the same arrangement (shirts are always on hangers, jeans on the shelves, and so on) you will always know where things are and waste no time looking for something.

It is not just a matter of putting things in their place but finding the logical place for each item. The items you use most often should be at eye level in the middle of the closet.

Say your typical outfit consists of a blouse and jeans, then you should hang the blouses right in front of you and have the jeans on a nearby shelf. The less likely you are to use a type of clothes the less accessible the placement should be. Use the best location for the items you wear most often and the worst for the items you use the least.

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