Linea Studio Exclusive: The Art of the Miami-Inspired Home

Linea Studio Exclusive: The Art of the Miami-Inspired Home

The coastal city of Miami is revered by jet setters all over the globe for its soft and shimmering white sand beaches, crystalline waters, year-round sunshine, and diverse demography. Perhaps more than all of these, however, Miami is known for its avante-garde residential architecture, often known colloquially as “Deco” and “MiMo” (Miami Modern), respectively.  

If you are considering a renovation on your Miami home, then let Linea Studio help you find some inspiration by highlighting the significant history and enduring nature of one of the country’s most modish housing aesthetics.

The History of Art Deco and MiMo

Miami Modern architecture in the form of Deco and MiMo emerged in the 1930’s, but began to rise in popularity during the economic boom that followed World War II and was a response to and departure from the german Bauhaus and Mediterranean Revival movements, which had previously set historical architecture precedent in the Miami area. In essence, young architects, eager to shift away from the ‘less is more’ aesthetic, began renovation experiments that included more baroque building design, incorporating curved surfaces, bright colors, and walls with multi-dimensional angling.

 Ultimately, many modernist buildings and homes in Miami would also include pylons, cabanas, open courts, cat walks, curving wings, marine imagery and hues, and would often be formed from natural tilings and materials such as brick, stucco, iron, and stone, all laid into vogue and arresting geometric patternings. 

The idea behind it all was to imply extravagance and eclecticism at every turn, to elevate the glamour and elegance of a building while heightening its functionality and strengthening its connection to the wondrous outdoors of subtropical South Florida.

Art Deco and MiMo Now

Today, Art Deco and MiMo-inspired homes and structures can be found in both the North Beach and South Beach districts, and especially in the Art Deco district, a square mile that contains nearly 1000 buildings. 

The legacy of these modern Miami styles is making its way into home renovation all around the city and even finding its way indoors. Overall, this trend means more houses with:

  •  spacious and open-flow interiors
  •  spacious kitchens
  •  beamed ceilings
  •  natural flooring
  •  walk-in closets
  •  custom cabinetry

These are all modular sensibilities that, while uniquely Art Deco and Mimo, are also somewhat analogous to Italian design, which places emphasis on a nonpareil balance of comfort and aesthetics. 

Linea Studio: Where Miami and Italy Converge

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