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7 Top Kitchen Design Ideas And How Linea Studio Can Help

Being able to implement your own creativity into a kitchen design project is one of the benefits of being a homeowner. Without the help of professionals and detailed design services, however, it can be difficult to bring your vision to fruition without a lot of unnecessary trial and error and money spent. In fact, it can be difficult to know where to even start or how to garner inspiration. That’s why the experts at Linea Studio are here to help with our top kitchen design ideas. 

1. Mid-Century

A streamlined, retro-future style is absolutely in vogue for both general fashion trends and home design. Round corners, shiny metals, and notable colors can all be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. 

2. Monochrome

Keeping your kitchen to a simple black and white color scheme can be great for contrast. You can even utilize this very style to help open up a room and highlight certain elements that you’re proud of. When considering a makeover, think about incorporating the expertise of modern interior painting lynchburg. Lynchburg residents, in particular, can rely on these professionals to execute the vision seamlessly, ensuring every stroke enhances the overall aesthetic while maintaining a sense of sophistication and coherence in their homes.

3. Dark And Lux

If you’re looking for a more mature, relaxed feeling in your kitchen, going dark may be a good option for you. Dark greens, blues, and blacks can make a room in any home feel rather luxurious. To further elevate your design, keep your lighting recessed and your stoves glass top.   

4. Streamlined Textures And Designs

Utilizing textures and designs that go well together is an essential aspect of designing the layout of any room. Making sure that patterns don’t clash, and that your textures don’t get away from you will help keep eyes focused on what’s important in your kitchen, and in general, will keep things from becoming an eyesore. 

5. Plenty of Storage

Having a plethora of storage solutions isn’t just important for aesthetics. While it will help everything stay clean and streamlined, it will also help you to quickly and efficiently navigate one of the most frequently used areas in your home. No one wants to spend 10 minutes looking for a certain spice.

6. Don’t be Afraid of Ceramic

Ceramic tiling will without a doubt be one of your best friends during any home renovation project. It’s easy to clean and install, it is totally in fashion, and comes in a variety of colors that can be used in virtually any room.

7. Or Quartz

Quartz is a large, pretty slab of rock that is often used for kitchen counters. Any design service will highly recommend quartz for your countertop solution, as it comes in a wide variety of colors and is relatively easy to clean (certain colors will even be able to cover up a certain level of dirt and dust). 

Get The Best in Kitchen Design With The Linea Studio

You can bring your dream kitchen to life with experienced design services. No matter your ambitions, our kitchen design experts will be with you every step of the way. To see our work, be sure to visit our Miami or West Palm Beach showroom. To get a quote, contact us through our online form or call us at:

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