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5 Miami-Inspired Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Ask just about any Miami real estate agent and they’ll say that a top selling point of houses in South Florida is a freshly remodeled kitchen. And for good reason. More and more, Miami kitchens are becoming multi-use rooms that blend cooking and cleaning with a variety of other activities. With nearly endless options for renovating a kitchen, however, finding what strikes a balance between aesthetic and function can be a challenge. So start here, with four Miami-inspired kitchen renovation ideas courtesy of Linea Studio.

Create An Open Floor Plan

Without a doubt, an open-floor-planned kitchen is about as Miami modern as it gets and can help to create and maintain a fluidity to the flow of your kitchen. This is often achieved by installing borders such as half walls, glass walls, or columns that break up the kitchen without cordoning it off into separate rooms.Additionally, a kitchen island placed centrally is a perfect choice for generating symmetry and balance while leaving lots of open space.

Use Natural Materials

Miami’s unique mix of urban luxury and stunning natural sceneries is perfectly embodied in a kitchen renovation that incorporates natural materials, such as granite, marble, stone, aluminum, exotic wood, and more. By custom patterning and slatting any of these materials into a mosaic monobloc masterpiece for your floors, countertops, cabinet, or appliances, you’ll dramatically change the feel and essence of the epicenter of your home.

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Add a Backsplash

The reality is that backsplashes offer a variety of benefits that most homeowners probably don’t even think about. Beyond adding an element of style, backsplashes serve a range of different functions, including protecting the walls behind them from stains or water damage. 

Light It Well

Light design can make or break a kitchen. Poorly lit islands, countertops, and pantries not only stifle functionality, they also make the ambiance of the room more difficult to enjoy.  Incorporating modish lighting fixtures such as recessed or a string of pendants over the room’s center can generate a soft and welcoming glow, easily amplified by Miami’s year-round sun if windows and outside apertures are placed properly.

Install A Second Sink

One of the many benefits of installing an island in your kitchen is that it can house a second sink. Usually, second sinks are slightly smaller than the main one, and are used for prep for a quick washing station when there is a lot going on in the kitchen.

Create Your Dream Kitchen With Linea Studio

Looking to turn your kitchen into a bold statement? Linea Studio can make your renovation dreams a reality. From Italian-inspired, Italian-made furnishings and modulations, to personal design consultations, and more, Linea Studio is a design partner you can count on: just see what our satisfied customers have to say about us. Call our Miami showroom at 305-853-9397 or visit it online today!

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