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5 Defining Elements of an Italian Closet Design

While there are many different types of popular styles of wardrobe, one that is becoming increasingly attractive due to the wide appeal and functionality of its design is the Italian wardrobe. In fact, known for its personalized style that keeps to high standards, the Italian closet can fit in a variety of homes and apartments. With that being said, it might be important to describe just what makes this type of design different from a variety of other personal closet styles.

In order to provide some guidance, here are some defining features of the Italian closet design and why you may want it for your home.

1. A Clean, Refined Look

Modern homes are all about streamlined, uncluttered looks. In fact, this remains true for the design philosophy of many Italian closet procurers. You will see a variety of looks that keep to one color and texture while seamlessly integrating various elements and angles. You won’t see many protruding doorknobs or dangling lighting with an Italian closet design.

2. Lots of Compartments

Having a large variety of compartments is an integral part of keeping an easy-to-use, refined appearance. Many of our own closets have quite a few shelving elements to handle accessories, shoes, and so much more. In general, you want to spring for more shelving than you may think you need.

3. Discrete

Closets with discrete, hidden compartments are great for keeping your personal effects neatly put away in an area that you will still regularly look at and interact with. In a custom closet, you can put as many discrete storage solutions as you would like built into the design. This will help to keep you from constantly bothering with individual elements.

4. Functional 

Keeping your closet clean and functional has a several-fold benefits. This will help you to keep a space that is organized, relaxing, and efficient for use. Imagine knowing exactly where everything you need is in the morning. Even better, not having to dig through several drawers or hangers for several minutes. You’ll know exactly which shelf or hook everything is on, as everything will have its place.

Some other ways that you can keep your closet functional include: 

  • Re-organizing
  • Installing task lighting
  • Installing sliding glass doors

5. Timeless

While it may be tempting to implement cool trends in your rooms, the Italian design philosophy leans toward a more timeless look that can be enjoyed for generations. This includes bright lighting, solid colors, and a somewhat seamless integration of elements while veering away from clashing colors and textures.

Get The Best in Italian Closet Design With Linea Studio

Beautiful and functional, Italian closets and room designs are suitable for almost any type of home and personal taste. Whether you want something bright and energizing or dark and cozy, you will be sure to find a closet design that’s right for you with Linea Studio. 

Based in Miami, Florida, our design experts are dedicated to bringing you premiere beauty everywhere from your kitchen to bathrooms. To receive a quote or talk more about your project, reach out to us at any time by calling us at:

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