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Teso Bathroom Collection

Linea Studio’s Teso bathroom collection offers a modern and linear style to bathroom design. This Italian vanity bathroom collection is characterized by a flat front and push-pull opening drawers and cabinets with superior modularity for a chic, minimalistic aesthetic and maximum space.

The Teso collection offers the perfect elements for contemporary, polished bathrooms and powder rooms for your daily life. We believe even the smallest details and fixtures can make a big difference to enhance the visual aesthetic and elevate your luxury home experience. From choosing an exquisite showerhead with spa-like features to your toilet paper holder, we have innovative and new fixtures you won’t find at your local home improvement store.

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All of our bathroom collections at Linea Studio are carefully sourced from manufacturers and Made in Italy, guaranteeing our clients exceptional quality and luxury design. We invite you to set up an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to explore in detail our one-of-a-kind selection of Italian vanity bathrooms as inspiration for your next remodel project.

Bathroom Remodels

The beginning of any home improvement project can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task with so many elements to consider – design ideas, labor costs and ultimately hiring a professional contractor for the remodel. At Linea Studio, it is our mission to keep our clients inspired and alleviate any stress involved with your bathroom remodeling project. Our dedicated experts will take the lead on design ideas and components, budgeting and total cost as well as final installation. Your job will simply be to fully relax and enjoy your new luxurious Italian bathroom renovation.

Linea Studio Custom Teso

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Teso Bathroom – Remodel Customization Options

The Teso bathroom collection offers more than 40 exclusive Italian-made finishes with a distinct color palette to suit any design aesthetic allowing you to fully customize your Italian bathroom vanity to your unique style. With colors ranging from our beautiful Yellow Pollini, Blue Provenza, Green Verde Comodo to our elegant collection of Whites, our color options will without a doubt leave you inspired for your upcoming bathroom remodel and renovation.

Our Italian-sourced materials and innovative technology will offer your bathroom remodel modern designs and features specializing in energy efficient light fixtures, smart toilets and other cutting-edge technologies for your personalized needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of shower and bathtub options that can immediately transport you into a spa-like oasis or provide more practical daily features for busy families.

Whether you have envisioned natural stone or tile work, our design experts can create anything from beautiful stone flooring to a unique mosaic tile wall. Every square foot of your bathroom remodel is given our utmost attention from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

We invite you to explore our other exclusive collections of luxury Italian vanity bathrooms: Inka, Materia, Sky, and Street. Our Made in Italy bathroom collections have been carefully curated by the finest Italian craftsmen and incorporated into beautiful new bathroom and bath remodel projects in Miami and the entire South Florida region.

Is Remodeling a Bathroom Worth It?

Considering we spend our most intimate moments of the day within our bathroom while some of us cherish our extended morning shower or a decompressing evening bath as our meditative moments, it is worth the investment to curate your ideal space within these walls. Remodeling your bathroom with one of our ultra-luxury Italian vanity bathroom designs will offer an array of personal benefits to your day-to-day life, but also increase the resale value of your home should you decide to sell.

Including a double vanity design or dual shower heads in the master bathroom could offer couples their own personalized experience for maximum comfort and ease while sharing their intimate space. With an improved design space and new innovative technology, the quality of your daily experience will be elevated in modern luxury from your professional remodel. Even strategic and sophisticated storage designs within our Teso bathroom collection can greatly improve your bathroom ambiance by eliminating clutter and implementing soul soothing organization leaving you with extra space.

If you are concerned with bathroom remodel costs, our experts at Linea Studio will happily work within your budget and utilize existing fixtures allowing you to save money while still experiencing Italian luxury.

Our Products Are Always CARB 2 Compliant

Historically, newly built homes emitted a potent and recognizable odor from the fresh furniture, flooring, and paint that contained volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds can have harmful effects on indoor air quality, leading to health problems such as headaches and respiratory issues.

Since 2018, public safety organizations have acknowledged the risks associated with VOC exposure and have established safety protocols. Our Italian-made products and materials meet these standards and are CARB 2 certified, in contrast to local millwork facilities.

Linea Studio Bathroom Remodel

Whether you are looking to incorporate an Italian vanity bathroom as part of a new house build with a general contractor or as part of a full, overhaul remodel project, the Linea Studio’s team of experts will help guide you through the entire process. Our team of creative experts will transform your vision into a uniquely sophisticated bathroom design while accommodating to your specific budget with final installation of your project.

Linea Studio has been serving customers in Miami and the entire South Florida region since 2005. We welcome you to explore our residential and multi-unit projects by downloading our brochure or by setting up an appointment to visit one of our local showrooms in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to fully encapsulate yourself in Italian luxury design.

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