Sky Bathroom Collection

Blending shapes, patterns, and straight lines, Sky’s provides one of a kind minimalistic and elegant bathroom experience. Sky’s balanced mix of nature, technology, style, and elegance, creates a distinctive Italian flair.  All our vanity bathrooms are Made in Italy, guaranteeing quality, and exceptional design. We invite you to schedule an appointment for a virtual consultation or visit our showroom at the iconic Miami Design District.

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Sky Collection – Customization Options

Sky modularity and attention to ergonomics offer multiple possibilities that embellish the most used and private room.  With Sky, you can turn your bathroom into a luxury space. Features like the Iris Calacatta and Amber,  Bianco Venato Stoneware, Oak, and Castoro’s base provide delicate composition possibilities.

Since 2005, Linea Studio has specialized in new construction and restoration projects in Miami and South Florida.   Our team of experts has the experience to guide you through the creative, budgeting, and installation project. You are welcome to set up an appointment for an in-person or virtual consultation. Our team of experts will have your bathroom project rolling soon.

If you want to incorporate more than one style, visit our collections. The modern collection includes five models:  Teso, Inka, Materia, Sky, and Street. The contemporary collection includes Code, Augusto, and Absolute. All of them will provide you with infinite possibilities for customization.  Want to be inspired? Tour our residential and multi-unit projects, read our blogs, browse our blogs.

Linea Studio Custom Sky Collection

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Linea Studio Sky Bathroom Collection

Homeowners, architects, and designers: do you have a vision for a modern bathroom, complete with glass interiors, marble floor slabs, shower walls, and brass hardware? Our team can help you bring your vision to life and create a spacious luxury hotel feel for the home.

Our Sky Bathroom line is all about combining functional components with elegant art, instantly elevating your bathroom design. We invite you to visit our showroom at the iconic Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to discover the endless possibilities with our exclusive Italian-made pieces.

Elements of Luxurious Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom design requires two core elements: functionality and aesthetics. The Sky collection offers a balanced mix of natural elements, technology, and style to address both components with a distinctive modern Italian flair.

Let’s discuss some of the must-haves for a beautiful bathroom.


Every modern bathroom relies on a good layout. After all, it ensures that interior designers can achieve an elegant space that allows users to access the toilet, shower, bathtub, sink, and vanity seamlessly.

At Linea Studio, we can guide you through the brainstorming, budgeting, and installation phases to build the contemporary bathroom you’ve always wanted.

In most cases, the sink is the most-used fixture in the bathroom. For this reason, it should come in a form and style that complements the other hardware. Choosing the right one can leave more floor space for a marble bench, vanity, or tub.

Bathroom tapware gives homeowners an excellent opportunity to enhance sinks, showers, and bare features. For instance, gold hardware will stand out with white walls and marble tiles.

With its mirrors and light bulbs, the vanity typically draws a lot of attention because it takes up a lot of space in the bathroom. It’s crucial to use a versatile material like marble for this fixture because it has to work well with the rest of your interior design efforts. The best part about having a chic vanity is that it can also serve as a storage solution if you add a few cabinets to it.

Your shower design is critical for your luxurious bathroom because it has a massive impact on the aesthetics. However, you also shouldn’t skimp on functionality. Before deciding on a look, think about the elements you want to add, like tiles, floors, and mirrors.


Many people see a bath as optional, but it adds more functionality to your bathroom. If you have space for a bathtub, especially for the master bathroom, we recommend installing one. Doing so will add a touch of luxury to your interiors. Plus, a tub is an excellent addition for homes with kids.

Nowadays, homeowners can choose from various bathtub designs to match any color scheme and room style. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a spa, soaking, or air tub.

Tiles can be the hardest element to choose from because there are so many choices available. Plus, your tiles should match the whole room from wall to ceiling.

For this reason, it’s essential to have a clear vision of your contemporary bathroom goals. Whether you want a streamlined, minimalist, or patterned effect, interior designers can help you make it happen.

Flooring is essential for the safety of any marble bathroom design. Most interior designers suggest waterproof tile floor textures to prevent falls and mold growth.


Good lighting can be a game-changer for luxury marble bathrooms that need to improve overall functionality and aesthetics. We recommend including as much natural light as possible, which you can achieve with a large window and well-placed glass panels. Note that most projects still require special lighting around the vanity, shower, and tub.

Having the right mirror set for your bathroom can transform its whole look. In most cases, you should add a mirror above the vanity and sink. This technique makes your bathroom space look bigger because it reflects more light.

Benefits of Italian-Made Bathroom Brands

Italian bathroom brands offer unmatched luxury, culture, and design with every piece. They are quickly becoming the top choice for those who prefer the finest product lines and personalized design services. Below are reasons to consider them for your next project.


Italian interior designers often don’t follow trends. Instead, they let their creative side flow using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. They combine shapes, textures, and shades to create chic bathrooms.

When you work with the Italian design specialists at Linea Studio, you can expect personalized items that focus on your preferences, not the general public’s. Unlike large retail chains, most Italian brands focus on classic designs that stand the test of time.


Long-term use has become synonymous with Italian brands. In many industries, especially interior design and fashion, consumers equate such products and services with durability. Many of these businesses come from generations of history, including family traditions and formal furniture schooling and craftsmanship.

Italian artisans are famous for their flawless craftsmanship. If you want to incorporate several elements in your marble bathroom, like gold, wood, or stone, only an expert can turn your vision into reality.

The Linea Studio Advantage

Linea Studio is your one-stop shop for luxurious interiors. Our Sky product line not only elevates ergonomics but also offers unlimited possibilities for your marble bathroom needs. Whether you want a black marble vanity, shower, or tub, we have the materials and specialists to turn your bathroom into a functional and chic space.

The sky’s the limit with Linea Studio. You can schedule a meeting with our experts to discover how features like Iris Calacatta, Amber, Bianco Venato Stoneware, Oak, and Castoro’s base can enhance your property.

Since 2005, we’ve specialized in new construction and restoration projects in Miami and South Florida. We can guide you throughout the whole process, from creatives to budgeting to installation. If you have a dream luxury marble bathroom, we can help you choose all the right elements to bring it to life.

We specialize in marble bathroom features in various shades, from walls to tiles to shower and tub accessories. However, we also work with stone, tile, and wood materials. Our seasoned craftsmen will be with you every step of the way to achieve your marble bathroom goals.

Our Sky product line is a crowd favorite, but you can incorporate it with our other collections: Teso, Inka, Materia, Street, Code, Augusto, and Absolute. All of them offer infinite customization possibilities.

Achieve Your Dream Marble Bathroom Design Now

Marble is an ideal addition to your interior design because it’s a durable material that doesn’t compromise your aesthetics. It works well with most furniture modern designers use with it.

However, if you want to inject luxury into your home, it’s best to work with a team that understands your unique needs, like Linea Studio. Otherwise, your material choices might not work well together.

We also provide clients with personalized services because we believe in the power of great design. We are not fans of one-size-fits-all offers, so we customize solutions for our customers.

Are you ready to bring your bathroom dreams to life? Call our Miami or West Palm Beach showroom at 305-614-3256 or book an online consultation!

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