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Enhance the style of your bathroom by investing in a chic, modern, and luxurious bathroom design. Whether it’s a guest bath or your master bathroom, we can create a sleek bathroom design that exudes elegance and style with the Materia collection.

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Transform Your Master Bath Into a Luxury Bathroom

The Materia line specializes in incorporating modern elements and natural materials to create a stunning focal point for your bathroom. Our collection of vanities, mirrors, statement lighting, and other types of bathroom decor is an ideal way to achieve the luxury bathroom you have always wanted.

We can work with rooms of all sizes. However, a spacious bathroom is ideal. With more space to work with, you need to create a beautiful layout and bathroom scheme to achieve its full potential. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design or an extravagant aesthetic, we will do our best to ensure that you achieve the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

Linea Studio Custom Materia Collection

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Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding tub is placed directly on the bathroom floor, ideally beside a window. It radiates a minimalistic design that looks stunning when paired with marble walls or flooring. All aspects, even the sink fittings, and tub fittings are made to look as minimalistic as possible. This bathtub is a great example of modern bathroom decor that allows you to relax and forget about all of your worries. Light up some candles, prepare your softest towels, and you have a relaxing night ahead of you.

Mirrored Wall

A mirrored wall improves both functionality and style of your luxury bathroom. They are ideal for a wide space with large windows so that you can enjoy natural lighting in the entire room as you check out your appearance in the mirror. It also works well with a smaller bathroom, as it is a more cost-effective way to incorporate mirrors into the room to make it look more spacious. Mirrored walls are not only good for your master bath but they also look amazing in your room or essentially any space in your house.

Clean Lines

The “clean-lined” design has grown popular in recent years. Having a clean-lined bathroom incorporates various diagonal, vertical, or horizontal lines to enhance the room’s style. Different styles have different purposes. For example, vertical lines convey power. Overall, they make an elegant addition to your bathroom and living space, especially when paired with beautiful furniture like a vanity table or marble designs.

Enjoy Bespoke Italian-Made Luxurious Bathroom Furnishings

The Linea Studio team is composed of experienced experts in the interior design industry. We consider all factors in creating our luxury bathrooms, from the floors to the ceiling, showers, lights, storage, and more. We incorporate our high-end products when creating a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom scheme for your master bath. We also accept custom orders for high-quality vanity tables and bathroom decor of various styles and designs upon request.

We provide custom-made furniture that is specially curated to match your taste. Our bathroom decor and furniture are high-quality and Italian-made. Our work is heavily inspired by contemporary themes and nature. However, we can ensure that you receive any design you desire at a quality and price that is suitable for your budget.

We work with different architects and designers, such as Philippe Starck, Roger Davies, and Richard Powers to create your ideal room. From your doors to your shower, we work with what you currently have to create a one-of-a-kind style that is specially curated for you. We can work with all spaces, providing a blissful place for relaxation.

The search for your luxury bathroom is over. Schedule an appointment with us to see the designs we’ve created or tell us about your own ideas.  Call our showroom at 305-614-3256 or book an online consultation!

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