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Teso Bathrooms Italian Collections

Teso bathrooms collection offers a  modern and linear style. Characteristics of this Italian vanity bathroom are the flat front, push-pull opening, and superior modularity. 

Teso is a perfect element for bathrooms and power rooms. 

All our bathrooms at Linea Studio are Made in Italy, guaranteeing quality and exceptional design. We invite you to visit our showroom or to set up an appointment to explore in detail our exclusive selection of Italian vanity bathrooms.

Teso Collection - Customization Options

The Teso bathroom collection offers more than 40 finishes and a distinctive color palette. You can customize your Italian bathroom vanity and countertop with a selection of colors only available at our Teso bathrooms. From the  Yellow Pollini, Blue Provenza to the Green Verde Comodo and  Whites, the options are just mesmerizing.  

Whether you are looking to incorporate an Italian vanity bathroom as part of a new property or a remodel project, the Linea Studio’s team of experts will guide you through the creative, budgeting, and installation project. 

Linea Studio has been serving customers in Miami and the South Florida region since 2005. We invite you to explore our collections of Italian vanity bathrooms: Inka, Materia, Sky, and Street. Our made in Italy closets, kitchens, and doors have been carefully curated and incorporated at great projects in the Miami and South Florida region.

You are welcome to explore our residential and multi-unit projects, download our brochures, read our blogs, and to set up an appointment.

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