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Absolute is more than an Italian bathroom; it’s superior, refined design, extraordinary versatility, and clean lines. Absolute is a favorite of architects, designers, and builders.

Be inspired- explore Absolute’s bathroom projects in Milano, Valencia, Antibes, and Geneve.

Absolute Collection - Customization Options

The Absolute bathroom collection comprises colors, surfaces, and shapes that can be combined to create a personalized experience. 

Wood, ceramics, and natural tones, along with different systems of shining shelves, wood veins, ceramics with marble effect, metals, games of lines, surfaces, and volumes are some of the elements offered by Absolute. Moder, trendy, contemporary Absolute integrates flawlessly in the design of the Miami and South Florida region.

We invite you to explore our collections of contemporary Italian vanity bathrooms: Code and Augusto. Want to provide a different look to other bathroom areas? Please look at our modern collection of vanity bathrooms: Teso, Inka, Materia, Sky, and Street.  

Want to explore Absolute? Set an appointment with us. Our Linea Studio designers will walk you through a creative process to customize your vanity bathroom. We will also assist you with the design, budgeting, and installation.

Linea Studio offers all you need to highlight the beauty of your property in the Miami and South Florida region. Our Italian kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and doors have been carefully curated.  

Indulge your senses with Linea Studio’s residential and multi-unit projects- Venetian Islands, the Elm, the Yath Club. Download our brochures, read our blogs, tour our showroom, or set up an appointment.

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