Absolute Bathroom Collection


Linea Studio Absolute Bathroom Collection: Luxury Bathroom Design

Absolute Bathroom Collection

Linea Studio’s Absolute bathroom collection is more than just an Italian bathroom. Its superior, refined design, extraordinary versatility, and clean lines make the Absolute collection a favorite among architects, designers, and builders. To our clients that prefer a polished, luxurious look, we encourage you to explore our Absolute bathroom projects in Milano, Valencia, Antibes, and Geneve for inspiration and luxury bathroom ideas.

Linea Studio sources all of our bathroom collections from top-tier manufacturers in Italy, ensuring our clients receive premium quality and luxury design. We encourage you to book an appointment to visit our showrooms in either the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to fully explore our unique and unmatched assortment of Italian vanity bathrooms. These stunning pieces can provide inspiration for your upcoming interior design project.

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Luxury Bathroom Design

When designing your dream home, we believe emphasis should be given to the master bathroom considering this is where we spend the most intimate moments of our day. The elegance of our Absolute collection will transform your master bath into a personalized, award-worthy home spa retreat of decadence and indulgence.

Whether your design preferences lean more toward minimalist design or instead a classic, traditional style, our experts at Linea Studio will support and execute your unique vision from design to installation.

Linea Studio Custom Absolute Collection

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Absolute Bathroom – Customization Options

The Absolute bathroom collection showcases a luxurious color scheme with beautiful Italian-made surfaces offering modern elements that can be combined to create a personalized luxury bathroom and spa-like powder room. The combination of natural materials and marble-enhanced ceramics offers exquisite options in floor tiles, surrounding walls, cabinet, and countertop surfaces within the Absolute collection.

As lighting creates the perfect ambiance within your luxury bathroom, our design experts will consider existing large windows and natural light before installing statement lighting and strategically placed accent lighting or pendant lights. Whether you crave the natural beauty of nature’s light or prefer more opulent mood lighting, Linea Studio will personalize every detail of your new luxury bathroom.

While designing your modern spa bathroom, we love designing around a central focal point of a freestanding bath that encapsulates the essence of a luxurious home spa with invitations of a rejuvenating and relaxing soak. We also offer decadent shower room designs with double shower fittings that create the perfect intimate space for couples in their shared master bath. With beautiful options of frosted glass, marble floor tile, or walls with intricate mosaic tile or even textured wallpaper, our dedicated experts at Linea Studio will ensure your luxurious bathroom suits your unique design aesthetic.

The modern, contemporary, and luxurious bathroom scheme of Linea Studio’s Absolute collection flawlessly integrates into the chic, luxury home design seen within Miami and the entire South Florida region.

Proudly CARB 2 Compliant

Previously, new homes were known for emitting a strong and recognizable odor caused by the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from new furnishings, flooring, and paint. These VOCs can negatively impact indoor air quality and lead to health problems such as respiratory issues and headaches.

Since 2018, public safety organizations have acknowledged the harmful effects of VOC absorption in humans and have implemented safety measures. Our products and materials, made in Italy, comply with these safety standards and hold a CARB 2 certification. In contrast, local millwork facilities may not meet these standards.

Linea Studio Luxury Bathrooms

Feeling inspired to explore our Absolute collection further and see how our design experts can transform your bathroom visions into an elegant space for daily rejuvenation? Visit one of our design showrooms in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to experience the undeniable difference of Italian luxury.

Contact us today or schedule an appointment online to receive a free estimate on your next luxury bathroom. Our Linea Studio designers will walk you through an entire creative process to customize your luxury Italian vanity bathroom and fully assist you from the design process, budgeting to final installation.

We invite you to explore our other collections of luxurious contemporary Italian vanity bathrooms for further inspiration and bathroom ideas. Our beautiful Augusto collection offers a traditional, classic style with feminine color palettes, while our Code collection represents a more masculine, contemporary design.

With so many inspiring options, we understand it may be hard to decide on just one collection for your next bathroom design or remodel. Why not incorporate more of our luxurious designs and collections within your living space to upgrade your guest bath or even outdoor wet room? Please visit our other collections of luxurious bathrooms: Teso, Inka, Materia, Sky, and Street.

Linea Studio has been serving customers in Miami and the entire South Florida region since 2005 offering all of the intricate components needed to highlight the beauty of your unique South Florida home. We welcome you to explore and indulge your senses with our residential and multi-unit projects – Venetian Islands, the Elm, and the Yacht Club. Download our brochure, read our blog, or set up an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in the Miami Design District or West Palm Beach to fully encapsulate yourself in Italian luxury design.

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