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Cesar Kitchen Heritage Elite

Linea Studio Cesar Kitchens Heritage Elite

The Cesar Elite kitchen is a refined tale of senses, family traditions, modernity, and exquisite details. 

Exquisite, unique, and incredibly vivid is what best describes Elite’s design and customization options. If the granite, white, gray, and butter lacquer color kitchens brought you back long-time forgotten family and friend stories, the smell and taste of comfort food, or a desire to leave a legacy, the Cesar Elite Kitchen model is for you.

Cesar Heritage Elite - Customization Options

The Elite’s Carrara marble, silk-effect of graphite lacquered colors, wall unit doors, glass panels, and brushed silver finishes provide a stylish and luxury design with the distinctive Made in Italy Cesar Kitchen imprint.

The options for kitchen design and remodel are exquisite. Framed doors combined with argue handlers, wide fluter pilasters, kitchen islands with bottom shelves made of natural beech slats, and brushed silver finishes are some of the Elite’s kitchen customization options.

We invite you to share with us your ideas for a kitchen design or kitchen remodel. As the exclusive representative of the Cesar kitchen in the Miami and South Florida region, the Linea Studio team will help you customize your Elite kitchen to reflect your lifestyle.

We invite you to download the brochure and to set an appointment with our team. If you want to kitchen remodel in two steps, take a look at our blog. Want to explore other kitchen models? Take a look at Maxima 2.2, Intarsio, Unit, N_Elle, the ’50s, and the Heritage Collection – Elite and Etoile.

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