April 7, 2018

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Kitchens with a View

The kitchen is sincerely the heart of the home —it may be cliché, but only because it is so true. With the modern kitchen quickly becoming the ‘social hub’ where family and friends interact after a long day, its only right to give your kitchen the best possible view.

As mentioned previously, the modern kitchen has evolved into something far beyond a place to just cook and is progressively becoming a part of the larger living space visual that blurs the line between each particular area. It is no surprise that kitchens now a day have become the central point of the stylish, trendy interior.

Nevertheless, whether it’s hosting elite-guests or doing homework, it appears the kitchen is always the homes central station. Since we invest so much time in this space, it makes perfect sense to make it as modern, glamorous and inviting as possible.

This Cesar N_Elle Modern kitchen is featured within large sliding glass doors, sweeping windows and the open pavilion-style design ensures that the distant coastline or the sparkling beach just outside is visually a part of the interior. A modern kitchen with an ocean view is not just referred to those homes that sit right next to the beach, those in the distance can also maximize the use of their location with some smart design. A home sitting on an elevated point and offering a bird’s eye view of the coastline in the distance empowers you to create a kitchen that allows you to grasp the scenery without letting it dominate the tone of the room.

Designers veering towards the open plan living area, it is now easier than ever before to ensure that the ergonomic kitchen gets a view that matches one offered by the living space or dining area. The Cesar N_Elle kitchen is featured in sleek stainless steel which is a material that has evolved from an accent into a major component in the modern kitchen world where stainless steel is appreciated for its durable and hygienic properties. The Rovere natural wood ties it together by allowing the fresh feel of nature back into the home.

A home is a home because it blurs the line between the self and the surroundings, and challenges the line we try to draw between who we are and where we are—the kitchen is now the central point of your home. It is important to create an environment that accentuates your surroundings because when you buy a home the location is not only a geographic part of the world it is a part of you.

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