March 8, 2018

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White is the way this year goes when it comes to kitchens! They are clean, classic and have an all-around happy aesthetic. It is no surprise why they are so trendy— White kitchens are incredibly versatile, so it’s hard to make a wrong style
choice. Let’s take a look at some of your options for hardware, flooring and décor in order to give that white canvas your very own touch of creativity. We’ll be using a few of our favorite Cesar modern kitchens as examples!

You have lots of options when choosing hardware, since almost any style or color goes well with white cabinets. If you want to play up the sleek appeal of white cabinets, minimal chrome hardware is the way to go. Cesar’s Ariel Modern Kitchen is a perfect example of this combination the chrome brings out the simplicity of the white kitchen and keeps the minimalistic look for a polished finish.

When it comes to flooring you can almost pick anything (again), even lighter colors! The flooring you choose will depend on the style and vibe you want to achieve. Here are just a few ideas.

If you want to highlight the light, airy feel of
white cabinets, choose a lighter hardwood like this Cesar Modern Ariel Kitchen the light monochrome colors reflect the light and give the kitchen a spacious feel. A monochromatic color palette is a simple yet sophisticated way to create a great stunning design.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more contrast, medium-toned hardwood looks amazing with white kitchens! This time we chose the Cesar Maxima 2.2 this is the creative design system that distinguishes Cesar for its uniqueness and cross-functionality. These floors really warm up the space and make this kitchen feel homey.

Now it’s time for my favorite part: decor! This is where you get to really let the personality of your kitchen shine.

If you’re under the impression that the
kitchen is for appliances and not decor,
think again! If you like to cook, you
probably spend quite a bit of time in your
kitchen. So why shouldn’t it have a little
art to liven it up, just like any other
space? Check out this kitchen space from
Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 there is nothing that
personalizes your space more than a
piece of art work.

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen, the décor is so stunning— it makes the space feel so earthy. Cesar uses plants and other minimalistic forms of decorations to achieve this vibe. The open shelves give the kitchen an open and airy feel, there us so much personality in the small details that are in turn used as statement pieces.

Of course, there are countless of options when choosing how to personalize your space. The beauty of white kitchens is that they offer a blank canvas, making them a great choice if you want something timeless and unique. Cesar makes it easy to bring your individuality to life.


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