Kitchen Collection

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is a special meeting point, a creative space and, at the same time, an expression of freedom. A kitchen tells the world who we are better than any other space.

Maxima 2.2 Collection

Maxima 2.2 is a versatile and creative design system. The over 80 finishes combined with various opening methods and shaped doors make Maxima 2.2 a unique and versatile kitchen with technological and architectural appeal.

Unit Collection

Unit is a dynamic, airy planning system that is not limited by wall constraints. It is a perfect blend of warmth, technology and tradition. Designs with multi-faceted personalities are created by mixing and matching the finishes of the structures with those of the 2.2 cm thick doors. The aluminum structures mark off three sides of each single volume, creating the Units.

N_Elle Collection

N_Elle is the made-over version of the Cesar’s monolithic project consisting of sharp, clean-cut lines and a very lightweight appeal achieved thanks to 45° module edges.‎ The 2.‎2 cm thickness of the doors and the new line of the wall and tall units now make it easy to mix and match this model with the other Cesar systems to create distinctive, elegant arrangements that focus on comfortable living.‎


Our Cesar Intarsio kitchen is our latest kitchen addition at Linea Studio. Becoming part of our contemporary kitchen collection, this stunning kitchen model reinvents modern-day kitchen design and surprises with a wide range of new materials, designs and finishes. With a focus on geometry, Cesar Intarsio is a custom kitchen model that is often chosen by interior designers, architects and art lovers alike.