Bath Collection

For some time now, the look and feel of the bathroom has moved away from utilitarian space to soothing retreat. A greater prominence has been given to the bathroom cabinetry when building o remodeling a home. Several builders and designers said sleek contemporary is edging out transitional as the most popular design style. Modern Italian Bathroom cabinetry and tops with integrated sinks is one of our specialty.

Absolute Collection

Absolute, Modern elegant bathroom vanities. A refined design with clean lines that have real impact: these are what the Absolute collection can offer. Modern, elegant bathroom furniture, thanks to versatile units that give shape to a new form of expressive furnishing Products made up of colors, materials, surfaces and shapes that can be combined together freely.

Code Collection

Code, Modular and custom. The new collection in line with the latest bathroom trends, with a strong focus on design and well-being.
A wide range of available finishes, wall units and consoles of all different types, together with a vast selection of accessories ensure the products offered are highly customized. The modular arrangement of the Code collection makes project design extremely flexible, with each composition tailor-made to suit requirements and personal tastes.

Face Collection

Face Collection, Modern bathrooms with polished shapes and a minimal look. Face bathroom furniture combines attention to aesthetic detail, a simple structure and the option to be used easily in any space. The collection includes one-piece wall-mounted units that have a standard built-in handle that comes in different lengths.

Materia Collection

Materia, Modern bathroom units with feature details. Among the products offered in the collection, you can find exclusive one-piece bathroom units that stand out for the innovative two-tone play on contrasting finishes between the frame and the front panel. The distinctive feature of this collection is the attention to detail shown in the unusual manufacturing at a 45° angle that helps to give the various pieces an elegant, sophisticated image. Visual impact is high, the Materia one-piece unit seems to float on air, giving the impression of being as light as a feather, combined with high performance in terms of the lifespan and quality of the materials.